Unintentionally a Broadway Sensation

The Evening Of Truth With David and Wes

He knew this look on David’s face all to well. It was the clearly-I’m-mad-at-you-and-your-not-telling-me-something-and-it’s-really-important look. It never mean light fluffy conversation. The entire time from lunch with Santana it had been building up and he was just waiting for it come out, but it didn’t come out until Wes had returned home that night from his early evening performance and a minor shopping need for some clothes. 

"Out with David, I know clearly it’s burning on the tip of your tongue." Wes says as he sits on their bed as he went through the bags of new clothes and a box of things that he needed to move over from his small apartment. Most of it would be tossed in there, save for a few boxes of memorable things he treasured from over the years. Placing his Tony on the shelf that housed David’s championship rings.

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